May 7, 2008

Some more members to CPIANS i regret to them...

I have been so busy or rather say "lazy" to right down to this blog.Well by the time I received a few comments from cpians but may be others could not find time or rather say "lazy" like me.After all we lived together 4 years so we have similar mindsets.

Apart from that I received few more comments from some of friends about not to include them into CP squad.So I regret to them and decided to extend CP Introduction part.

CP BRIGADE continues here ...

Dixit Javia (JD)
Ravi Bhavsar (Adivasi,bhavu)
Bachitar Sandhu (Paji,Bachi)
Chintan Joshi (baman)
Paresh Patel (Pario)
Jaisri Srinivasan (Jas)
Sharma Nitesh (Sharmaji)
Vidhi Agraval (Vids,Moti)

So that is it for now !!!!