Dec 8, 2007


Dil Chahta Hai :
The story is closer to our hearts and our lives,looked like the story was straight from our lives.It showed the two very important aspects of our lives-love and friendship.True friends like Aakash,Sameer,Sid made us fall in love with them and thus began the search for these 3 friends in our real lives.Everyone wanted friends like them who can laugh with them,have fun,cry,wanted their support at all times.Those friends which can run to our houses even at midnight at our call.It is something that we all are searching even till today.It showed that love can happen anywhere,anytime and longer you take to realise it,the longer it pains in the heart

Even we have followed same in our life. This is the initiative to make our memories afresh of our "cpian days" alive.........

Let me introduce the majestic members of our group :

LCIT Boys Hostel
Post : Bhandu,Mehsana
Year : 2003

1. Keyur Patel (Kalu , wil smith , 'sant manas')
2. Vineet Kalra (Ravan , 'saandh')
3. Amit Jiandani ( sai , google , 'illias' , CBSE)
4. Tejas Patel (babu - the name is enough to laugh )
5. Yash Sorthiya ( "dhirubhai" )
6. Gaurav Khambhala (i dnt know abt this man )
7. Rajkumar Gadhavi ( 'rajbhai' , "royal kuvarji" )
8. Pradyumansinh Zala ( bapu for all )

They eat , sleep , listen , walk , run , read .........and so on......
They are normal human beings.......
But there is one thing that make them abnormal : - "They are CPIANS"

the more will come about this................
later I will introduce individually.......