May 7, 2008

Some more members to CPIANS i regret to them...

I have been so busy or rather say "lazy" to right down to this blog.Well by the time I received a few comments from cpians but may be others could not find time or rather say "lazy" like me.After all we lived together 4 years so we have similar mindsets.

Apart from that I received few more comments from some of friends about not to include them into CP squad.So I regret to them and decided to extend CP Introduction part.

CP BRIGADE continues here ...

Dixit Javia (JD)
Ravi Bhavsar (Adivasi,bhavu)
Bachitar Sandhu (Paji,Bachi)
Chintan Joshi (baman)
Paresh Patel (Pario)
Jaisri Srinivasan (Jas)
Sharma Nitesh (Sharmaji)
Vidhi Agraval (Vids,Moti)

So that is it for now !!!!


vidhi said...

hi gau... good job....
lookin at this made me nostalgic...
i can remember all fun-filled days which i had spend with u guys... mis u all....

dj dixit said...



august 2005

Days of metro train project which was a dream project 4 Bapu.

Another CPIANS?
All CPIANS were present there n passed d time with their own nature.

Right here m focus only two person.

Mr tejas Patel(babu)
Mr Sharma Nitesh (Sharmaji)
one day Mr Sharma came 2 hostel 4 d project.

Bapu introduced them with all CPIANS.

Babu:hiiiiiii m Tejas.

Mr Sharma:hiiiii m Nitesh Sharma.

After oneday...
somrthing changed

Babu:hey Sharmaji.

After two days...
Babu:o sharma.

N then last...

Babu:oyeeeeeee sharmooo
bip bip bip.

"Such a wonderfull days"

Part 2: A story about Abu trip.

TO BE CONTINUED...............

Gaurav Khambhala said...

yeah dixit ..glad to have your comment.. and it memorise me those days .... good memory it is .... i more thing i want to tell you such stories (memories) , write it as blogs ..and let cps have comment on dat. Dont write it to comments ... :)

Gaurav Khambhala said...

hiii vidhi .... good to see you !!
we too remember you ... as you were one of us ... wish you fun and keep reading this post ... as more will come .. :)

Have a good time.